Garage Door Opener Repair

Why are garage doors so dangerous?
Garage doors are huge objects that move. That fact alone is dangerous enough to cause concern. Not only do garage doors exert potentially fatal pressure, they have moving parts that can cause bodily harm. Garage door springs are also extremely dangerous should they come loose. Because of the dangers, never allow children to operate garage doors, play in the garage unsupervised, or put their hands anywhere near its moving parts. In addition, garage door repairs should be performed by a professional.

How can I check to see if my garage door is balanced?
Release the garage door opener’s mechanism so that your garage door can be opened manually. Lift the door. Does it go up smoothly? Does the garage door stay open at about 3 to 4 feet above the ground? If so, it is balanced. If not, it will need to be adjusted by a professional garage door company.

How do I adjust the garage door’s springs and cables?
Don’t! This is a job for a professional only! Springs and cables are under extreme tension and can cause death or serious injury if not properly handled. Never attempt to adjust garage door springs or cables by yourself.

Why does my garage door sometimes go back up when I attempt to close it?
This is a safety feature that kicks in when an object, such as a child or a pet, is in the garage door’s way. Check for an object that may be triggering this safety feature and clear any debris, such as spider webs, that may be blocking the sensors.


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